2016 Annual Appeal Donors

Up to $99

Michael and Rose Marone
Rorick and Gerri Rimash
Laura Archambault
Colonie Art League
Henry and Anne Bankhead
Beatrice Barrett
Joan W. Beach
Audrey Beaver
Carol Bevilacqua
John and Janice Britt
Dorothy Buckley
Philip and Carole Bulger
Barbara and Joseph Butler
Betty Canape
Marilyn Carlson
Charles and Eva Carlson
Donna Clement
Paul and Phyllis Cooney
Herb Dahlem
Carole and Wayne Diesel
Don and Ann Eberle
Jim and Barb Feiden
Roma Foods Importing
Kathy Franklin
Zelda M. Golden
Renee Green
Richard and Marie Hallock
Steven and Laurie Heider
Hal and Marjorie Herzog
Camille Hoheb
Steve and Louise Iacabucci
Joanne Razzano
Eric and Priscilla Johnson
Dan and Joan Johnson
Karen Jones
Ron and Marge Lansing
Karen Levy
Tom and Susan Lyons
Betty Lou Mathis
Bill and Dona Marie Munro
Gloria Micare
Marjorie Morelli
Ken and Dorothy Mortenson
Erika Parry
Ruth Pelton
Bonnie Perry
Peter and Janet Plourde
Cathy and Joel Powzyk
Michael and Laurie Scaringe
Tami Sherry
Ed and Florernce Springstead
Lillian Squadere
Ilene and Chip Stein
John and Noreen Thompson
Bill and Shirley Tschumi
Frankie Twiss-McDonald

$100 to $249

Courtney and Marc Antonucci
Rosemary Armao
Al Armstrong
Arthur and Janice Bowen
Bill and Mary Brizzell
Joan and George Buhrmaster
Anne Christman
Toni Cortese
Carol and Dennis Fitzgerald
Maureen & Joe Fogarty
Christine and David Houghton
Diane and Joe LaCivita
Joseph and Paula Mahan
Louise McColgin
Paul and Kathy McElligott
Teresa Broadwell and Michael Novakowski
Frederick Miller
125th New York Regiment
Jim and Nancy O’Connor
Stephen C. Pruyn
Sandra Rhoades
Gary Thompson

$250 to $499

Mark Armstrong
Intel Corporation
Old Daley Custom Catering
Judith Gladstone
Dan and Deborrah Heller
John J. Nigro
Peter and Kathleen Tunny

$500 Plus

Greater Loudonville Association
Frank and Sandy Kiepura